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How Lotomobil works

Lotomobil uses the latest in mobile technology to bring a full menu of lottery and raffle games to your mobile phone. See our short instructional videos to start enjoying the lottery in all privacy on your mobile phone

Pari Spòtif

World Cup Challenge 2022

Jwe Roulette

Jwe Keno

About Lotomobil?

Lotomobil is a modern, secure, private, and fun lottery mobile application developed by Haitians for Haitians. Invite your friends and you will earn points every time they play. Better yet, become a partner and earn steady income as a sales or remittance agent.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. I forgot my PIN. How do I set a new one?
If you already set your recovery information, click on “Forget my Pin” and follow the instructions. We will send either an email or an SMS to help you reset your PIN.

If you did not set your recovery information, call Customer Service
2. Should I share my PIN with my friends and family in case I forget?
You should never share your PIN with anyone.
3. What should I do if I lose my phone?
Call Lotomobil to suspend your account so no one has access to it

Contact your mobile phone service provider to reclaim your number. Once you have reclaimed your number, call us to reactivate your account
4. Can I transfer my account to a different number, including my profile, point and cash balance?
No. Lotomobil does not allow an account to be transferred to a new number
5. What is the recovery phone number?
This is the phone number of a family member or close friend that we will use to help you reset your account in case you forget your pin or lose your phone.
Do you have questions? Send an email to or call Customer Service 44 17 4445 | 43 41 5555